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2021 Results

Novel Category :
THIRD PRIZE - Katherine Black

Short Story Category :
FIRST PRIZE - Caroline Sutherland
SECOND PRIZE - Kath Kilburn
THIRD PRIZE - Francis Thompson

Poetry Category :
FIRST PRIZE - Jennifer Hunt
SECOND PRIZE - Marion Lovelace
THIRD PRIZE - Anthony Head

Writing Without Restrictions :
SECOND PRIZE - Dr Margaret Callaghan
THIRD PRIZE - Helen Morris

welcome to the

Competition Introduction

The Yeovil Literary Prize international writing competition opens on 1st January 2021, and some changes are taking place. Our closing date remains 31st May 2021.

We also have new entry fees and increased prizes, in short, our competition has grown and matured; it is now recognised by writers and publishers as prestigious in the international literary world.

To enter, you click on our Competition tab, where you’ll find the four categories. Click on your chosen category and you’ll see the Rules for you to check before entering. They have different emphasis for each category, and they will guide you before entering.

Imagine! Literary Agents seeing your work…
Let your curiosity loose and start exploring with those two little words… What if?

We actively encourage all forms of writing by offering you four categories to enter. You can enter as many as you wish each having its own entry form. Fees can be combined in one payment to make it easier for you.

The Novel for a long time was not catered for in writing competitions but the Yeovil Literary Prize was one of the earliest to offer an opportunity to submit a synopsis and first 15000 words (in total) for judging. Winning or rising high in this competition has spurred writers on to sending their work to literary agents. We also know that many of you have been published and have had Successes with further books. Our judge for the Novels this year is Hellie Ogden, of Janklow & Nesbit, literary agents, so start editing your work to make it the best possible for judging.

The Short Story is a fascinating form of writing and a craft worth mastering. Contriving a plot, a setting and time into a short story, driven by believable characters with a satisfying dénouement, is rewarding. Not all short stories have ‘happy ever after’ conclusions, so use your imagination without limit. Our judge is Ayisha Malik and having read her outstanding book This Green and Pleasant Land we appreciate that she knows how to bring characters, time and setting together for a very agreeable story.

Our Poetry judge is Sean Borrodale, renowned poet and creative writer; his ‘Bee Journal’ is full of beautiful descriptions and connections, an inspiration for any poet. Images and emotions can become exquisite by the pen of a poet. A poem can be read often with little nuances being revealed each time giving continual enjoyment. See our new prizes for your winning words.

Our Writing Without Restrictions category needs someone extraordinary as judge as it attracts such a wide range of writing. We always say that if you have written it and are proud of your words, then it is our pleasure to read it. Show off and dream big! Our judge is perfect for this category as he has been encouraging writers from their earliest school age until lecturing graduates and post-graduates on Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. We are delighted to have Steve Voake join us for judging this wide-open category. This could be the very first competition you have entered, but rest assured, your work will be enjoyed by the judges. Writing that does not fit into the usual competition categories can be entered in Writing Without Restrictions. Make our judge think, laugh, cry. We hope to read something distinctive, unusual or positively inspiring. See the Rules and you will see apart from completing the entry details, then all forms of writing can be entered.

Last year some excellent work was eliminated from the short list judging as it exceeded the word count, so please check the Rules for each category. Even if you end your novel entry mid-sentence, that will be better than not being judged properly.

There are two ways to enter, by using the postal system, or online using PayPal, BACS or IBAN. We look forward to your entries when our writing contest opens on 1st January 2021. The last date for entries is 31st May 2021, so enter as soon as you are ready without waiting until the final week.

Entry Fees

Novel: £14.50
Short Story: £8
Poetry: £5 per poem.
Writing Without Restrictions: £6

Enjoy your writing!

the Judging Team