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2020 Literary Prize Results

Congratulations to the winners in the four categories! Full details and report here: Yeovil Literary Prize 2020 Results.

2020 Results

Novel Category :
FIRST PRIZE - Sophie Forsyth
SECOND PRIZE - Luke Clifford Richardson
THIRD PRIZE - Robert Cranbrook
Gordon Scott · Linda O'Sullivan · Ian Hamilton

Short Story Category :
FIRST PRIZE - Martin Phillips
SECOND PRIZE - Anthony O'Reilly
JOINT THIRD PRIZE - Terri Armstrong
JOINT THIRD PRIZE - Dianne Bown-Wilson
Emma Hollands · Jenny Giel

Poetry Category :
FIRST PRIZE - J.D. Sparkes
THIRD PRIZE - Marjory Woodfield
Gordon Aindow · Michael Hall · Jill Flanders · Shirley Anne Cook

Writing Without Restrictions :
FIRST PRIZE - Dalvinder Ghaly
SECOND PRIZE - Lesley Bungay
THIRD PRIZE - Caroline Rose
Mary Fox · Barbara Featherstone

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Yeovil Literary Prize

About Us

The Yeovil Community Arts Association (YCAA) provides an opportunity for writers from around the world to enter our writing competition. The aims of the Yeovil Literary Prize are:

The Yeovil Literary Prize, started in 2002, has gained recognition as an established fixture in the international literary calendar. It fulfils its aims. The response to the Prize is magnificent, with quality writing being submitted from all corners of the globe. Many talented writers thrive on the opportunity to develop their craft by competition with other writers. We are proud to offer an award to novelists, as well as for writers of work that does not fit the usual writing categories with our ‘Writing Without Restriction’. We welcome short stories of every genre, and poetry. If you are proud of something you have written, then enter it and see what happens next. Click on our SUCCESSES tab to see what happened to novels and inspired writers after entering the Yeovil Literary Prize.

The YCAA offers an additional award of £100 for the Western Gazette Best Local Writer, giving an added incentive for local writers who live within the distribution area of the Western Gazette to enter.

There are two ways to enter, by using the postal system or online using PayPal, BACS or IBAN; its ease of use has been proven by new entrants. We look forward to receiving and reading your work when the contest opens on 1st January 2021.

All profits from this competition are used within the community to sponsor local young people who are studying the arts, to support various art projects, and to host cultural events. We reach out to all the arts and also host an annual YCAA Booker Debate in partnership with the Yeovil Waterstones store.

Locally, we sponsor children’s writing workshops and short story competitions; nurturing young writers has shown us the written word is thriving and has a rosy future.

We are a partner in the annual Yeovil Literary Festival. The tenth Yeovil Literary Festival will commence on 29th October and run until 1st November 2021. The YCAA has forged a strong bond with The Octagon Theatre and Westlands, where we host events. Full details of the YCAA activities are available on our website where you can also access our link to the Octagon Theatre website.

The Yeovil Literary Prize is managed by a dedicated team of volunteers and all details of how to enter can be found on

The writing competition runs from 1st January and closes on 30th April each year.

Send postal entries to:

YCAA, The Octagon Theatre, YEOVIL, BA20 1UX