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The YCAA book group meets in Yeovil in the Westlands Entertainment Venue's Lounge every second Tuesday of the month from 12 noon until 2pm. We read a wide selection of books as suggested by people who come along. You would be welcome! Details can be found on

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Yeovil Literary Prize

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check to see if your query has been covered below. If not, or further detail is required please close this window and click the Contact Us menu link and follow the instructions to submit your query.

Do I retain the copyright for my Work?

Yes, completely.

Will the winning entries be published; Online or in an Anthology?

No, not this year - perhaps in the future.

In the Novel Category, do I enter the Synopsis separately?

No. The Synopsis must be entered alongside the opening of the novel. For Online entries, it must be pasted into the same text box as your text, preferably at the beginning.

How long should my Novel Synopsis be?

Your Novel synopsis should be no more than 500 words.

Does my Novel entry have to be the opening chapters?

Yes. After all, it is the opening which will make someone read on.

I’m entering the Novel competition, do I have to send the first 10,000 words, or can I send less?

You can send less than 10,000 words, but you cannot send more.

The 10,000 word extract I’m submitting to the Novel competition cuts my story off mid-chapter, is this okay?

Yes. Please don’t worry if the extract cuts off mid-chapter, or even mid-sentence. Always stay within the total 10,000 word count. Exceeding it may mean your novel is eliminated.

Does it matter if my entry has appeared online?

Your entry must not have been published for commercial sale or distribution but if it has simply appeared on your website it is still eligible.

Can I ask why I didn't win?

No. We are unable to enter into any correspondence regarding the enries made.

What happens to my entry after it has been judged?

All paper based entries are shredded and the Online entries are deleted.

Do you pass on personal details to any other organisations?

No. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 your details will be kept securely and will not be passed on to a third party. Please read our Privacy Statement for full details.

How do I enter the competition Online?

Click on the Online menu link on the Home page and follow the instructions. There is extensive Help and guidance available at every stage in the process.